UV Cure Prepregs

Notus NV2, NV3 and NV4

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Notus NV2, NV3 and NV4

Notus NV materials are Ultra Violet (UV) curing prepreg systems offering a fast and reliable alternative to traditional thermal cure materials that have many advantages for moulding, repair and industrial applications.

Curing is initiated by exposure to sunlight or UV light and a 3mm laminate will cure in 5-8 minutes.

Using a state of the art technology, Notus UV activated curing technology can be formulated with a range of thermoset resins including halogenated and non-halogenated unsaturated polyester, Epoxy - Novalac, halogenated and non-halogenated vinylester matrices.

Notus NV materials are ideally suited to on-site repair where mixing resin mixing or thermal curing is difficult such as wind turbine blade repairs or GRP pipeline joints. Notus has also developed UV curing products for corrosion protection of steel pipelines and for over insulation cladding on insulated piping systems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extremely fast cure
  • Cure on demand - no reaction until exposure to UV light.
  • Low VOC emissions.
  • Excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance.