What We Do

What We Do

Notus Composites manufactures next generation prepreg materials at their facilities in the UAE. Notus specialize in producing innovative, cost-effective and customised prepreg and resin film solutions for advance composite markets such as: architectural composites, wind energy, automotive, rail, aerospace, marine, sporting goods and several other industrial applications.

Since 2015, when Notus was established in the UAE, the company has established a solid foundation in the advanced composites markets in the Middle East, Asia and Europe, supplying leading manufacturers in the wind energy, architecture, sports & leisure, and rail sectors.

What makes Notus unique?

The dedicated and innovative technical team at Notus allows the company to not only supply market leading prepregs, but also to work alongside customers to optimise their material selection and production efficiency.

  • For existing customers already used to advance composite materials, who are currently restricted to autoclave processing materials, Notus provide robust technical support to introduce tailored out of autoclave prepregs and resin films providing massive reductions in operating costs.
  • Notus provide support in terms of estimation, design considerations and raw material selection at the initial stages of a project.  As well as providing training for existing prepreg users, Notus supports new customers helping to manage the change of introducing advanced composite materials in place of traditional hand layup and infusion techniques, creating and efficient, safe and more profitable working environment.
  • Notus works with SME’s in the composite industry to design and incorporate customised, cost-effective prepreg materials with short lead times and small MOQ’s. Notus is able to assist with prototype parts to ensure every prepreg project is a success.